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Hello my name is Jenny I am the mom of 3 wonderful children. My oldest is a very active toddler, Owen. Always exploring and discovering his world around him. Emily is our middle child, full of energy and always ready to explore her world. My is my beautiful baby girl, Kaley. She can melt your heart with her smile. I am Also the wife of a supportive and loving husband, Dave.  We live in san Diego. We just brought our 1st home. When I am not spending time with my family I am in my craft room. This blog is a place for me to share with you fun actives our family enjoys, crafts, spending time together, food, and home improvements and many more. Please join us in our journey.

Monday, December 1, 2014


Hello. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Enjoy the holidays! With our family there is always really good food all around. I am sure we are not the only one. Don't stress about the calories. Enjoy. In my opinion. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Hello! I hope everyone is having a good day. Lets get this link party going.
The words this week are finding, writing, dressing, thinking, beginning.

Lately I have been finding a hidden strength I did not know I have. With Dave gone I have had to really step up and get stuff done. I have had a lot of help from my family. Thank you Mom, Dad, and Kimmy. Before Dave left the idea of me doing things ( going places) with the kids by my self seamed hard. But I could not let that stop the kids and from doing things. I have taken all 3 kids out to dinner ( by my self) and the the drive in.  We had fun and the kids did great. 

At the kids school they have a writing station. Where they can "make mail" ( Owen and Emily's words). This is a great away for the kids to practice their writing. When I pick the kids up they always have a handful of "mail" for each other. Some times I get mail. 

Well, my kids are really into dressing them selfs. Some times I am really happy that right now we only have school 2 days each week. Because some of the outfits are well.... Unique

After the kids go to sleep. I have a hard time turning my brain off to go to sleep. I end up lying in bed thinking about the things I need to do, thing I did not do, if the kids had a good day, why Kaley bug has a gassy tummy, and then mommy guilt kicks in.

I just love this time if year. It is the beginning of the holidays!!!! I have a very large extended family. Growing up there was always large parties with lots of food, noise, and love. I am truly a lucky person. Can't wait to share with you all the fun that the rest if the year has in store for our family.

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Have a great week.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Hello. Happy Monday. I saw this note pad and I think I need it. With 3 kids and rocking the solo parenting thing these days it fits well. 

Monday, November 10, 2014


Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend.  My little ones are full of energy, nonstop. I could use a nap. Have a good week. The quote today is from Shay Carl, he has a Vlog on YouTube. If you have not watched his Vlogs check him out. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Currently 11.8.2014

Hello everyone! I hope that you had a great week and a spooky Halloween. 

Lets get this link party going! This weeks words are; reading, running, sending, liking, valuing

This week has been filled with reading children's books and text messages. In our house there is no such thing as reading one book. Emily carries some books all day asking me to read her one. If I don't want to spend hours reading children's books I have to  set a limit. What I've started with the kids is I ask them to read to me. They look at the pictures the tell me what's going on.  The things they come up with crack me up. text messages have been the main way that Dave and I have been able to communicate. We FaceTime every night with the kids. But the calls are short and a bad connection. Plus it is hard to have a conversation with Dave when 2 super excited kids want to talk to their dad. 

Well, I have started running again. Owen rides his scooter and the girls go for a ride in the BOB. It is a lot of fun to race Owen when on a run.  Now that the weather is getting cooler I am able to run. I have set a goal that by this next year, I want to run the Silver Strand half marathon. The kids also love running especially when candy is involved. They had loved running to the door saying treat-r-treat ( and thank you) then running down the driveway yelling "I got candy!! 

The kids have been making pictures and "mail" for their dad at school. So in a couple of days we will be sending him some goodies. They told me they want to send him art work for his walls. Got to love that.
For Halloween I was Rosie the riveter. After watching some "how to you tube videos" for hair and make up I gave it a try.  And I really liked how it turned out. It has inspired me to start to wear make up more. My sister teased me about how many selfies I took. I think the kids are liking it also. Owen has told me "your eyes are pretty mom" Emily always has some thing to say about my hair. Then she wants to do it. 

Valuing my family and friends right now more than ever.  With Dave gone and 3 kids under the age of 4. My life can be a little nuts. My family has been a big help. My wonderful friends calling or sending me texts to see if I need any thing. I am so lucky to have great people in our lives.I just love the fact that if I am having a day or a moment where everything is just to hard. All I have to do is make a call and get help. A kind word or someone would come over and let me have a time out. 

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Have a great week.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Monday

It's fall! The weather is finally cooling off in San Diego. I just love the fall. Spending time with family. Have a good week. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Currently 10.30.2014

Sorry, it has been way to long. It's hard to find time lately to focus on me. And the blog took a backseat. But we are back and it feels good. 

Lets get this link party going! This weeks words are; committing, loving, organizing, watching, shopping.

I have been doing the solo parenting thing for almost 2 weeks now. Dave is not overseas for work. It has been hard getting our routine down but we are working on it. 

Well I really think that I may have an issue with over committing my self. Not just with other people but with my self.  I do enjoy do things for others but I do have a problem saying no. My to do list is; Halloween costumes (4 of them), making playdough for the kids school, finishing baby shower gifts, making cookies for the baby shower. I know that this may not seam like a lot. But I am taking care of 3 kids and the house by my self.  I know that I could of made my to do list shorter by getting store bought costumes and store bought baby shower gifts but that would not be me.

Our little Kaley Bug personalty is showing more and more every day. I am loving it. Each of my little ones are so different. Owen is our silly love bug. So smart loves to figure out how things work and then tell you about it. Emily is our non-stop monkey. She is always on the move and talking. She keeps us on our toes. I think Kaley bug might be our mellow kid. I can only wish. 

While Dave is gone one of my goals is organizing. I need to get rid of things. I have to much stuff. Oh Dave would be so happy to hear that. 

Now that fall is here I have been watching one of my favorite shows, Grey's Anatomy. Yup I love it. I can watch the reruns over and over again.   

Can it be the holiday season is here. Time to start shopping. How I am going to do that is not clear to me yet. Dave will not be home until December 20th. So I will need to start the shopping on my own. The tricky part is how to do this with 3 little ones.  I know that I could shop online, but there are some things that I like to see in person. 

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Have a great week.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Hello everyone. Well it's been one week with out Dave. I have been lucky my mom came down the 1st night and my sister and the kids came down also. It's been a long week but I know we will survive. We miss him tons. I saw this quote and I think that many moms need to remember this......

Monday, October 20, 2014


Happy Monday! 
Well Dave is off on his trip for work, 2 months. I will be doing the solo parenting job for a bit. My mom came down last night to help me out and give me some time to my self. That way I can be super mom. Thanks mom love ya. 
This quote I think fits well for my life for the next 2 months. 
Have a great week. 

Monday, October 13, 2014


Hello everyone! We had a great weekend. I hope you did too. This week for our family is going to be a great week with a sad ending. Dave took the week off because this weekend he will be leaving for a bussiness trip, for 2 months. So we are heading to Disneyland for a 2 day trip. I hope everyone has a great week. We plan on spending as much family time we can this week. I know the kids are going to miss thier dad. I will miss my best friend and husband. 

Monday, October 6, 2014


Never stop dreaming. Dream for you, for you kids, for your friends, for everyone. Dream for your future. 
Dream for today
Have a great day! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Monday

Hello everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend. Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. Dave and I will be married for 8 years. Wow time has gone by fast. I hope that everyone has a great week!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014


Hello. Happy Monday. I hope you had a great week. 
Let's get this week going. 

Monday, September 15, 2014


Hello. Happy Monday. It is HOT HOT here is San Diego.  I am ready for the winter and cool weather. Hope you have nice cool weather were you are at. Have a great week.

Monday, September 1, 2014


Hello! What a great start to the week. Dave has today off from work and we are on out way out. With school starting soon I think this quote is fitting. 
Have a good week! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Currently 8.29.14

Hello I am back!!  Our home has been a little nuts and  it took me some time to get use to my new sleep pattern ( or lack of sleep) and how to juggle 3 kids.

Let's get this link party going! This weeks words are; needing, missing, reading, hoping, playing.

For some time I have been wanting to open a shop on etsy to sell things I make. I have a box full of things I have made and many ideas.  What I  need to find is the courage to start to list products. I worry that no one will like what I make. I know I need to get over this. I need to be an example for my kids.

Summer is almost over. And preschool is almost here. Where did the time go. I know Owen and Emily are looking forward to school. And yes I have to admit that the idea of a couple of hours a week with them gone and just Kaley and I alone. Sounds good. I see naps and cleaning happening. I know I will be missing the craziness of a full house. Kids playing, yelling, fighting, making noise.

  We have been reading a lot of new kid books this summer. Dave found a used book store that has great deals. The kids love going there.  The books are all under $2. ( kid books)  I love the fact the kids like reading. My goal is to keep encouraging reading  with the kids.

As I write this post I am sitting in urgent care waiting room with Emily and Kaley. Some kind of bug thought Emily tasted good. The bites got big, red, and Swollen. I am hoping they can give us some thing to make her feel better and go away.
** update Emily was having a
severe allergic reaction to the bug bites.

The kids have been playing with Legos a lot. I can remember playing with Legos as a kid, I loved them. And now my little ones are building cars, houses, towers, planes. All kind of things. They are always so proud to show me what they have made.

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Have a great week.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy Monday.

Hello everyone. I saw this quote on Pinterest and it made me smile. I don't know how many times I hear " mom where are my shoes" " mom where is my ----( some kind of toy) " or " Jenny do you know where my keys and wallet is". Love ya Dave! 
Have a great week. 

Monday, August 11, 2014


Hello everyone. I hope you had a great week. Life with 3 kids is a little nuts but great! 

Monday, August 4, 2014


I hope everyone had a great week. Let's get this week going! 

Monday, July 28, 2014


Hello. I hope everyone is having a good day.  Let's start our week. Dave went back to work today. It's just me and 3 kids. Ready, set,,,,, go. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Currently 7/26/14

This past week has been a big week for our family. We went from a family of 4 to 5. That's right our baby girl is here. Yep. I knew she would be early, I thought just 1 week maybe 2. But nope our little one came 3 weeks early.  She is perfect in every way. Working on a post to tell the story of how she joined the world.  We named her Kaley Barbara. Barbara after my grandmother. But more on that later. 

Link party! This weeks words are watching, searching, missing, growing, ignoring. 

This week I have been watching my kids as close as I can. Trying to remember everything about them that I can. Before Kaley was born I was enjoying Owen and Emily and the joy of having only 2 kids. And watching every small thing that they do. Then after Kaley was born, how Owen and Emily reacted to her. And of course I can't keep my eyes off Kaley. She might be our last so I am trying to remember and enjoy every moment of the newborn stage. 

For the past month, I have been searching for a blog post on how to help the kids adjusting to having a new siblings. There has been many a night that I was up late trying to get as much information and tips that I can. If you have any tips for me I would love to hear them. 

Right now I am not missing out on too much sleep, I am almost getting more sleep now that Kaley is here. But I am sure that will change. 

I was told by my doctors around 30 weeks that I should not pick up the kids any more. Last night I picked Emily up after she feel asleep in the living room to carry her to bed and man my little Emily has been busy growing. Now if I could just get her to slow down. 

My little Emily has been a little bit of a whiner for a some time now.  We have been trying to find a way to stop it. It's kind of making us nuts. But Owen some how is great at ignoring it. It's like he blocks her out. 
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Have a great week.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Monday

We are a family of 5! Our little Kaley was born on Friday. She is perfect in every way. We are all doing great. The kids just love her. Always asking to hold her. I am working on a post all about how our family became a party of 5. 
Have a great day and a wonderful week. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Monday.

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. My mom and sister gave me a baby shower/ pool party on Sunday. It was a lot of fun. I will post pictures soon. Baby tummy is getting big. She will be here soon. I am 36 weeks and 5 days. 
Have a great week! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

Currently 6/27/14

Hello Everyone. How is your summer going? I hope good. 

Link Party!!!!

This weeks themes are Learning , Making, Loving, Reading, Smelling.

This week I have been working on learning how to relax and let others help. My mother-in-law has been here all week. Helping out with the kids and giving me a break. I feel bad when she is doing dishes or when I go to take a nap. But I need to take advantage of this when I can. Because baby girl will be here soon and mommy nap time will not be in the cards

I have been making a big mess in my hubby's garage. Poor guy. I have been moving boxes and art stuff into his space so we can work on the baby's room.  But he is making room for me too. But right now it is a mess because of me. Sorry Dave.

The past weekend I was on a girls trip with my mom and sister. It was a ton of fun. I really needed the break. I even went swimming. Big belly and all. And let me tell you I was loving the feeling and the lack baby weight. My back felt great my hips did not hurt. As Emily would say it was amazing. ( her new big word) I also loved spending time with my mom and sister. Love you guys!

Sleeping through the night is almost a joke right now. If I am not getting up to pee or having weird dreams or pains I might be sleeping. So I have been up a lot reading blogs ( looking for tips on have 3 kids and not going nuts) and  looking at Pinterest.

Last week I spoiled myself and bought hand lotions by EOS. Oh my goodness this stuff is the best. I just love it!!!!  I just love the smell. Owen has asked me a couple of times " mommy why are you smelling your hands" lol. Kids always seam to catch you doing funny things and they point it out.

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Have a great week.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Currently 6/19/2014

This weeks themes are Watching, wearing, wanting, waiting, winning.

Currently in the Buck house it is Summer break!!! Our first summer break let the fun start.

Owen finished his first year of preschool. I cant believe it. When I picked him up  from school I stood in the room watching my big boy saying good bye to everyone and saying that you to his teachers. And Emily checking out all the toys in the room. She will be in the same classroom come fall. Parents where taking pictures of their kids with friends. Plans were made for play dates in the park for the summer so the kids could play. It is hard for me to believe that my 1st born is so big. I know it is only the first year of preschool and we have many more to come. I plan on enjoying this time with the kids, it is going by way to fast. So what better was to start the summer than a dirt cake. 

I am working on a couple of goals this summer and one is not to look like I just rolled out of bed and started playing with the kids. So I put some thing on other than yoga pants. I have been also so wearing make up. Not a lot but just a little eye make up. Emily likes it because she gets to play with her "make up" too. 

I have been working on packing up my art room, soon to be baby room. But at 33 weeks my energy level is not the highest. So it has been slow moving. Plus with my "little helpers" it has been a little hard.  I have been secretly hoping and wanting that one morning I would wake up and it is done. 

Weekend oh weekend it is almost here. This weekend I am going on a girls weekend time with my mom and sister. I am in need of this!!!! So all week I have been waiting for the weekend. 

There is a new trend happening  with the kids. They are asking or tell me some thing over and over and over again. I am talking about with only a couple of seconds between. It is driving me nuts. As of right now the rule is if you ask me more than 3 times for some thing my answer will be NO.  Not sure who is winning yet. But I plan on it. Lets just hope it is soon. I might loose my mind

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Have a great week.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Monday

Hello. I hope you have a good week. Make the most of it. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Currently 6/12/14

 I know I have been gone. Life has a way of throwing you curve balls some times and takes control.  We are back on track now. So this is what has been going on with us.  

Link party!!!

This week's themes are hearing, hinting, hunting, hankering, hoping 

Well, for the past week I have been hearing a lot of " mommy I feel yucky" yep both kids. It's been a long week. Dave was gone all last week ( for work) so it was just me. Emily got it 1st. Just thought it was a case of tummy issues. When Dave got home we went to dinner and she got sick all over the restaurant waiting room. Fun. Owen is just now getting over it. But the poor kid. Monday was his schools end if the year party at the park. As we were talking to his teacher he started throwing up. He was very upset that he missed the party. But good news he now feels better and will be able to go to his last day today!!!!

I have been hinting to Dave that I need a girls weekend away with my mom and sister for along time now. Well, the baby is going to be here soon. So next weekend I am getting away!!! I will miss them ( Dave & kids) but sleeping in and taking a nap by a pool. And no one saying " mom milk ( in the middle if the night) " she playing with my toys" " he won't let me play" " she hit me"  sounds great!!!!!! 

I have been hunting in the the world of Pinterest, rough I know. I need ideas for the baby's room. I also plan on doing some thing special for each of the big kids beds. So a lot OF idea hunting for me. Owen wants super hero stuff. Emily is going to get a fairy garden bed ans will have flowers and butterflies all over ( bottom bunk) 

Baby is growing and moving. Man some times I think she is going to break out of my belly button. I have been hankering for hamburgs with her. And I mean the good kind, in and out or bakers. I was able to see my brother in law graduate from high school this past week. It was a night out with my sister-in-law. So for food we got barkers hamburgers. Oh man it was good!!!!!!! 

There are big changes coming soon. And I am just hoping that every thing will go smoothly. Family members and close friends might be moving soon. And not just to a new part of town. But a new state.  I will miss them so and of course I don't want them to go. But I know if they were to go it is the right choose for their family.  Thank god for FaceTime and plane tickets. Right! I am trying to be supportive but at the same time I want to yell " don't go" sometimes being a grown up about things stinks.

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Have a great week.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy Monday.

Hello. Happy Monday. Father's Day is coming up. Our goal this week is to work on some gifts. Have a great week! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Mondays

Hello everyone! 
This will be a crazy week for us. Dave is out if town on bussiness. I have 2 doctors appointment, kids will be with me. I will be going to a high school graduation for my brother in-law. Oh and I am cleaning out my art room so we can trun it into the baby's room. So I am telling my self this week , we will make it. And that we maybe be bussy but lucky. 
Have a great week? 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Monday

Hello. I hope you had a good weekend. Well it's the start if a new week. After a night filled with kids having bad dreams and not beening able find a place comfortable way to sleep this quote fits my day. Have a good week. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Currently 5/15/14

Hello everyone. I hope that everyone is having a great week. I was not able to post last week. Time just flew by and we were on the run.

This weeks theme are wishing, celebrating, wasting, scratching, wearing.

This week Dave is out of the state working, so it has been me and the kids. But this morning Dave called saying that he might have to stay longer. He was due back on Saturday so every morning when the kids wake up they ask "is it Saturday?" So I am wishing that he will still be able to come home on Saturday and I won't have to tell the kids he will be gone longer.

I had a great weekend celebrating Mother's Day. Dave flew out early Sunday. So Saturday was my day. I was even able to sleep in. The kids made me a big card and Dave gave me a new phone! Then on Sunday, the kids and I were able to spend time with my mother. We had a great weekend spending time with family.

I am now 28 weeks. Wow it's going by fast. The ace and pains have started. Hip pains when sleeping and back pains at the end of the day. So I am finding that if I want to get things done I need to get it done 1st thing in the day. Because I find that the end if the day in I'm getting tired and sore. I feel that the end of my day is being wasted in getting stuff done. But should be filled with hang out time with the kids, play dough time, Lego play, or watching them play in the water.

Because of the hot and DRY weather we have this week here in San Diego we have all had dry dry skin. I keep catching the kids and I scratching our dry skin. So it has been my mission to keep lotion on us all the time. Emily loves it. You would think it I was putting poison on Owen.

When Emily was younger I made her a couple crochet jackets. No pattern just going off pictures of ones I had seen. Well my little Emily did not want to wear them at all. But this week ( in a heat wave) she wants to wear them. It makes me a smile when I see her running around the house wearing something I made for her.

Only in a heat wave in San Diego can you have water play before bedtime. 

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Have a great week.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Monday

Hello everyone. I hope you had a great weekend. I wonderful one filled with family ,friends and love. The quote today is from a vlogger that as a family we watch all the time. The Shaytards, you can find them on you tube. I will be posting about why we love this family soon.
I hope everyone has a good week.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Currently 5/1/14

Hello I hope that you are having a good week. This weeks themes are Buying, Snapping, Struggling, Losing.

This week I have seemed to have run out of every cleaning products that I use.  Right now
I  am buying Lysol with hydrogen peroxide. I love this stuff. I’m telling you it’s a must try.  I am a big fan.

 My little Emily is a very independent little one.  Her new thing is taking out her own hair
ties.  And when she does it you can hear them snapping her little fingers or her head or just breaking.
It sounds painfully but she doesn't want mommy’s help.

Right now I am struggling with mommy guilt.  I know that this is a normal thing.  But I have
been finding myself not able to sleep and  I start thinking about the things I did not get done or
what I was not able to do with the kids.  Or what gets me the most is when I start to think that the
kids are not getting enough  one on one time with me.  I need to work on this.  I need to understand that my kids are happy, smart and taken care of. I’m only one person.  Sometimes I can’t do it all.   Easier said than done. But hey I will work on it.  I can’t be the only one struggling with this.

 Every day I am losing one more pair of pants that I can’t comfortably  wear.  My baby bump is getting bigger every day.  It’s a good thing.

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Have a great week.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Currently 4/24/14

Hello everyone! Today's theme is Making, Eating, Enjoying, Hiding, Noticing.

I have been luck this week, I have been able to make a couple of things! I have been making a new  chevron crochet blanket. It is a small one, I call them lovey. Not sure about the colors but its cute. Emily keeps asking for one for her baby. So maybe baby Tori will get this one. This week I also made a couple hood towels for Emily and Ava ( my niece) for Easter. With the help from two little ones I was able to make a quick little bag for the DVD players.

This past weekend we were able to spend time with our family. So we loaded up the car and headed to Grandma and Papa's house. My parents always make the meals when we get together so this time my sister and I did the food. Dave and I brought up all the goodies to make Carne Asada Tacos. Living in San Diego it is easy to find good and fresh ingredients. My sister made a cute veggie plate. It had a bread bunny ( that she made) with a hole in the tummy filled with dip.Good job Kimmy!! So we spent the day eating great food.

We have spent the past week enjoying spending time with family. We recently found out that a family member has been diagnosed with cancer. A month ago I also had a cousin who passed. When things like this happen it makes you value every moment you have with loved ones. So we have been making it a point to enjoy life and the ones in it.

Well I have been keeping my craft room in hiding for a while now. Because well we have been using the room as a catch all room. And I am not the best a organizing. I hope that the door will be able to stay open and the room can come out of hiding. Sorry no pic ( its in hiding)

I have been noticing that baby #3 is moving a lot! Owen had his hand on my tummy one morning and she moved. Owen said "Mommy she is trying to get out" I am not at 25 weeks. She will be here soon. Need to think of names.

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Have a great week.