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Hello my name is Jenny I am the mom of 3 wonderful children. My oldest is a very active toddler, Owen. Always exploring and discovering his world around him. Emily is our middle child, full of energy and always ready to explore her world. My is my beautiful baby girl, Kaley. She can melt your heart with her smile. I am Also the wife of a supportive and loving husband, Dave.  We live in san Diego. We just brought our 1st home. When I am not spending time with my family I am in my craft room. This blog is a place for me to share with you fun actives our family enjoys, crafts, spending time together, food, and home improvements and many more. Please join us in our journey.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Granny blanket for my Granny

My grandmother and Uncle Mike flew in from MI a couple of weeks ago. My sister and I were able to introduce our kids to their great grandma. How cool is that. I will post more about our time spent with them soon. (it takes a little more time to write a post on my phone) I was able to give the blanket that I've been working on for so long to my grandma. She loved it! She told me that it works great, gave it a test run during her nap. I do have a final picture to show you,,,,, but it's trapped in my camera. My mom took one of my grandma and me with it on our laps. The picture was taken when we were saying good bye, so our eyes might be a little red. I am sure Grandma will want to give me a pat on the butt when she sees I posted a picture if her on my blog. I think she looks great. Grandma is always trying to hide pictures of her self, must be a women thing, I do the same and mom you do too.
I had a great time working on thus Granny blanket.
Who should I make my next one for?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lap top issues

Well our lap top has some issues the biggest one is it will not turn on. Dave and I can't think of the last time that we backed up every thing on the external hard drive. That means all of our pictures could be lost!
So until the lap top is fix all of my post are going to be done on my phone.
If you know how to fix my lap top please tell me.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun with Photo booth

Happy Friday everyone!! Today we are heading to the park and then story time at the library. But first a little fun with Photo Booth on the IPad. Do you have plans for the long weekend?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Play date

Yesterday good friends of ours son, Trent, came over for a play date.
Trent's dad, Ryan has been Dave's best friend since childhood and the
boys are well on their way to being the same. The weather has been hot here in San Diego, so water play has been a daily activity for us. But before we played outside we needed to make the pizza dough for our homemade pizza!! Yep, the boys helped. I had the flour all and ready to pour in the mixer. We practice our counting and taking turns. Each boy put 3 cups in the mixer. We would count out loud " 1...2....3". They also did great taking turns. Since the dough needed to rise it was water time!!!! Each boy made his own pizza( with a little help). They liked making the dough flat. We all had fun even Emily. When it was time for Trent to go home the boys were not happy. It was cute to see them talking to each other through the glass window next to the door.
Do you cook with your kids? I would love to hear what you do.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I am back!!

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long. We have been a busy family
lately. I had to put potty training on hold. Emily started teething. (I could not do both at the same time. ) Owen did a good job. I think that he might almost have it Now he tells me every time he goes ! We are going to start round 2 soon. Dave and I went out
on a date for the 1st time since Emily was born. Oh, and I turned 32.
For the past week I have been visiting with my Grandma and Uncle Mike who came in from MI. The kids were about to met there great grandma. Emily is on the move now she will be waking any time. I have many things to tell you about. I hope everyone is doing well. Feels good to be back!
Here is a couple of pictures of what we have been up to.