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Hello my name is Jenny I am the mom of 3 wonderful children. My oldest is a very active toddler, Owen. Always exploring and discovering his world around him. Emily is our middle child, full of energy and always ready to explore her world. My is my beautiful baby girl, Kaley. She can melt your heart with her smile. I am Also the wife of a supportive and loving husband, Dave.  We live in san Diego. We just brought our 1st home. When I am not spending time with my family I am in my craft room. This blog is a place for me to share with you fun actives our family enjoys, crafts, spending time together, food, and home improvements and many more. Please join us in our journey.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Morning Trip to the Park

The weather here in San diego has been very warm. Where we live it is HOT. We spend most of the day playing in the water trying to stay cool. On Firday it was over cast and cool. So we were off to the partk. It was nice to be able to spend time there and not worry about this kids getting to hot. We packed food for the brids and a snak for us.  Here are a couple of pictuers.

Owen loves to feed the birds. He calls for the them. " Bird Bird come eat"

Emily loves the swings. She could stay on them all day. I just love her smile.
Owen is not a big fan of the swing.

But the slide he loves going down the slide


"Its Owen""

Well today I need a fast art project to do with the kids. Owen and Emily were full of energy and looking for some thing to do. And this was all before breakfast. I wanted to do some thing different for them than just handing them paper and a couple of crayons. Owen loves to trace his hand or mine and color it in. So I taped up a long piece of paper on our sliding glass door and grabbed a couple of crayons. I had own stand with his back to the paper and tried to trace him. Trying to get a 2 year old to stay still is hard. But when he turned around he jumped up and down and said "It's Owen It's Owen" Emily even got in the fun.

I Love her little hair style


Friday, August 24, 2012

It Is Like Magic

Hello. I have a quick tip for you today. Not to long ago the kids were coloring with Dad and lets just say they now know that you can color on the table too. But I have to say that I was surpize on how long the white table really stayed white. So frist I tried a baby wipe b/c it was on hand. It did not work but the kids liked cleaning the table with it. Next on the list was a Magic Eraser. And it did the trick. You got to love it!  Now the table is clean and ready for more mess.

What do you clean with a Magic Eraser?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Bear

The Buck family is in big bear for a couple of days. Dave's aunt had a cabin here do we are taking advantage of a weekend away out of the heat and spend time outside.
We have already gone on a treasure hunt. Dave found a old wrench and Owen found a quarter. Dave placed the quarter on the ground and went over it with the metal detector. Owen was so excited he dug it up him self. Emily and I went on a short walk. Emily fell asleep right away. This is going to be a fun trip!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We are back

Hello everyone!!! I am sorry that I have been MIA for some time. But we are back. It has been a fun summer so far spending a lot of time with family going on trips. Our laptop is still down but I have been able to use my sister's old one. But of course just when I got the lap top I forgot my camera at the cabin in big bear. Some times my mommy brain is out of control. ( you know how that is)
It has been hot in San Diego the past couple of days we have been out side playing in the water trying to stay cool.
Right now we are on our way to Sea World, all 4 of us. I hope you are having a good day and a great summer.
Here is a pic of Owen playing with the photo both on our iPad. When he looks at the picture he says " oh teeth mommy"