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Hello my name is Jenny I am the mom of 3 wonderful children. My oldest is a very active toddler, Owen. Always exploring and discovering his world around him. Emily is our middle child, full of energy and always ready to explore her world. My is my beautiful baby girl, Kaley. She can melt your heart with her smile. I am Also the wife of a supportive and loving husband, Dave.  We live in san Diego. We just brought our 1st home. When I am not spending time with my family I am in my craft room. This blog is a place for me to share with you fun actives our family enjoys, crafts, spending time together, food, and home improvements and many more. Please join us in our journey.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Wow. Hello.
I know it has been along time. Life in our house has been busy and nuts and that is saying it nicely.  My husband has been gone agian overseas for work. So I have been doing the solo parenting thing. With a 4 year old, 3 year old, and a 7 month old, my days and night have been very full. My family is always 1st on my list before any thing. So there was a need to put some things on the back bruner. I need to take a break. I missed blogging and am happy to be back. So many things have happened waile I was gone. Many post to come.
Miss you all and cant wait to tell you what has been going on with our little family.

Monday, December 1, 2014


Hello. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Enjoy the holidays! With our family there is always really good food all around. I am sure we are not the only one. Don't stress about the calories. Enjoy. In my opinion. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Hello! I hope everyone is having a good day. Lets get this link party going.
The words this week are finding, writing, dressing, thinking, beginning.

Lately I have been finding a hidden strength I did not know I have. With Dave gone I have had to really step up and get stuff done. I have had a lot of help from my family. Thank you Mom, Dad, and Kimmy. Before Dave left the idea of me doing things ( going places) with the kids by my self seamed hard. But I could not let that stop the kids and from doing things. I have taken all 3 kids out to dinner ( by my self) and the the drive in.  We had fun and the kids did great. 

At the kids school they have a writing station. Where they can "make mail" ( Owen and Emily's words). This is a great away for the kids to practice their writing. When I pick the kids up they always have a handful of "mail" for each other. Some times I get mail. 

Well, my kids are really into dressing them selfs. Some times I am really happy that right now we only have school 2 days each week. Because some of the outfits are well.... Unique

After the kids go to sleep. I have a hard time turning my brain off to go to sleep. I end up lying in bed thinking about the things I need to do, thing I did not do, if the kids had a good day, why Kaley bug has a gassy tummy, and then mommy guilt kicks in.

I just love this time if year. It is the beginning of the holidays!!!! I have a very large extended family. Growing up there was always large parties with lots of food, noise, and love. I am truly a lucky person. Can't wait to share with you all the fun that the rest if the year has in store for our family.

Thank you Ot & Et And Harvesting Kale for hosting this link party!
Check it out and tell us what you are up too. Join in the fun.

Have a great week.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Hello. Happy Monday. I saw this note pad and I think I need it. With 3 kids and rocking the solo parenting thing these days it fits well. 

Monday, November 10, 2014


Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend.  My little ones are full of energy, nonstop. I could use a nap. Have a good week. The quote today is from Shay Carl, he has a Vlog on YouTube. If you have not watched his Vlogs check him out. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Currently 11.8.2014

Hello everyone! I hope that you had a great week and a spooky Halloween. 

Lets get this link party going! This weeks words are; reading, running, sending, liking, valuing

This week has been filled with reading children's books and text messages. In our house there is no such thing as reading one book. Emily carries some books all day asking me to read her one. If I don't want to spend hours reading children's books I have to  set a limit. What I've started with the kids is I ask them to read to me. They look at the pictures the tell me what's going on.  The things they come up with crack me up. text messages have been the main way that Dave and I have been able to communicate. We FaceTime every night with the kids. But the calls are short and a bad connection. Plus it is hard to have a conversation with Dave when 2 super excited kids want to talk to their dad. 

Well, I have started running again. Owen rides his scooter and the girls go for a ride in the BOB. It is a lot of fun to race Owen when on a run.  Now that the weather is getting cooler I am able to run. I have set a goal that by this next year, I want to run the Silver Strand half marathon. The kids also love running especially when candy is involved. They had loved running to the door saying treat-r-treat ( and thank you) then running down the driveway yelling "I got candy!! 

The kids have been making pictures and "mail" for their dad at school. So in a couple of days we will be sending him some goodies. They told me they want to send him art work for his walls. Got to love that.
For Halloween I was Rosie the riveter. After watching some "how to you tube videos" for hair and make up I gave it a try.  And I really liked how it turned out. It has inspired me to start to wear make up more. My sister teased me about how many selfies I took. I think the kids are liking it also. Owen has told me "your eyes are pretty mom" Emily always has some thing to say about my hair. Then she wants to do it. 

Valuing my family and friends right now more than ever.  With Dave gone and 3 kids under the age of 4. My life can be a little nuts. My family has been a big help. My wonderful friends calling or sending me texts to see if I need any thing. I am so lucky to have great people in our lives.I just love the fact that if I am having a day or a moment where everything is just to hard. All I have to do is make a call and get help. A kind word or someone would come over and let me have a time out. 

Thank you Ot & Et And Harvesting Kale for hosting this link party!
Check it out and tell us what you are up too. Join in the fun.
Have a great week.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Monday

It's fall! The weather is finally cooling off in San Diego. I just love the fall. Spending time with family. Have a good week.